Monday, February 22, 2010

DIY TuTu Table

Ever seen those adorable TuTu Tables on Etsy that go for over a hundred bucks? Want to know how to make one yourself for around $25? Look no further...

*I do want to apologize in advance for only having photos of the finished product. I made my TuTu Table waaay before deciding to start this blog, so forgive me.* ; )
What you'll need:
- 1 Standard Three-Leg Table (available at most craft stores...let your fingers do the walkin' to find a store that carries one for cheap)
- 1 Yard of Fabric (for table top)
- 3 Yards of a different Fabric (for underneath the TuTu skirt)
- 8+ Yards of Tulle (use as much as you want to make your skirt fluffier)
- 1 Spool of 1.5" Satin Ribbon in a matching color
- 1 BIG Silk Flower
- Batting (small bag will do)

1. Lay out the fabric you're using for the tabletop, wrong side up. (You may want to wash and/or iron your fabric first.) Lay one to two layers of batting on top of the fabric, depending on how soft you want the actual table top to be. (I used two thin layers.)

2. Lay the actual table top on top of the batting and trace a circle right around the edge of the table. Cut that out of JUST the batting. Then, lay your tabletop on the fabric and either trace or cut a circle about 2 inches larger than the tabletop. It doesn't have to be perfect because the extra will end up being the underside of the table.

3. Turn your table top over and put a THIN layer of wood glue in six or seven spots. (I like to use a piece of paper to apply glue so that its nice and evenly applied) Center your batting over the tabletop and press it down. Wait at least 30 minutes before continuing for that to dry a little.

4. Now you're ready to cover the tabletop with your fabric. Lay out your trimmed fabric, still wrong side up, and lay your tabletop on it, batting side down. Make sure its centered!

5. Starting where ever you'd like, pull the edge over the fabric SUPER TIGHT and staple it down. Don't worry if the staple doesn't go all the way in...we'll worry about that later. Now, go directly across the table from that staple and repeat the pull-and-staple step. Then go to the opposite sides that don't have a staple and pull-and-staple. You should now have 4 staples that are all equally spaced.

6. Starting at one of your staples, repeat the pull-and-staple step all the way around the table. Make sure to pull SUPER TIGHT so that each time you staple, the fabric is nice and tight around the top of the table.
7. After stapling, take a hammer and secure any staples that aren't all the way in. You should be able to run your hand along the staple line without it catching on any staples. If you hand catches, hammer that staple in some more. You don't want your little ones cutting their fingers on staples.

Your Tabletop is done! Now let's move on to creating the skirt...

*I won't be using exact measurements for this part because there are several different size three-legged tables on the market today. My instructions should help you no matter what size table you're using.*

1. Screw the legs into the table and stand it upright. Using your second fabric (I used plain white, but I have seen other prints used also), drape it around just the legs of the table, underneath the table top. You want this fabric to go around just the legs of the table and reach all the way to the floor. You have two options to achieve can cut your fabric and sew it to the length, or you can cut it several inches longer than the floor and tuck the raw edges under. I chose option two and you'd never know the difference. : ) Give yourself 2 or 3 inches of extra length if you are choosing the no-sew option.

2. You want the underskirt fabric to completely cover the legs all the way around the table, so when you drape it around, make sure it overlaps by at least 5 or 6 inches, and take note of where you are holding it on the actual tabletop (how far away from the legs). I used about 1.5 yards for my underskirt. Cut your fabric to the desired length and you're now ready to staple it.

3. Staple the fabric to the tabletop, making a circle around the legs of the table. Once again, check your staples and hammer any that are sticking out. Stand your table upright. Trim any excess fabric and tuck your ends under (if you chose the no-sew version.)

Now for the TuTu Skirt...

1. Hold your tulle right against the edge of the tabletop and make sure the length is where you want it. It should reach all the way to the ground and even can "bunch" a little at the floor, if that's the look you're going for. I bought my tulle off the bolt and didn't need to trim the length at all. I folded my tulle so that is was double-layered for a thicker look. Make sure you have enough tulle to go all the way around TWICE before starting to staple!

2. Starting at the seams of your underskirt, staple the tulle right along the edge of your table in a "tuck and staple" fashion. To start, staple the tulle once. Go about an inch, make an overlap (aka a tuck) and staple the tuck. Go another inch, make another tuck, and staple. Go all the way around the edge of the tabletop TWICE, tucking and stapling the whole way. Once again, grab your trusty hammer and secure any staples that are sticking out.

Almost done!!! Now for the finishing touches...

1. The ribbon is super easy, but can be tricky. Plug in your hot glue gun and while you're waiting for it to heat up, measure around the edge of the tabletop with a measuring tape. Overlap the tape by an inch or so, and cut your ribbon to that same length.

2. Here's the only tricky part: make sure your ribbon ends are on the opposite side of the table as your tulle and underskirt seams. In other words, you want the ribbon ends to be on the front of the table and the tulle/underskirt seams to be in the back. Using your hot glue gun, glue the ribbon to the table's edge just along one side of the ribbon, so the ribbon is level with the tabletop on one side.

3. Now for the flower accent. Take your silk flower and cut the stem to 2 inches. Position the flower over the ribbon seams, with the flower facing straight out...not up or down. Staple the stem to the tabletop, hammering in the staples. You may need to use some hot glue to secure the flower even more, depending on the weight. My flower was considerably heavy so I used several staples and lots of hot glue to secure it. Another option is to remove all the plastic from the flower and reglue it together to take some weight off of it. I chose not to do this because I wasn't sure how secure the flower would be if it were just hot glued to the ribbon, and with a young daughter, I didn't want her pulling it off. However, if you'd like to do that, here are instructions: Take your flower apart, removing the stem and all the plastic pieces except any center pieces that you want to keep. Using your hot glue gun and very little glue, carefully glue the flower back together. It should be considerably lighter than it was before the plastic removal. Glue the flower to the ribbon right over the top of the ribbon seams.

You're done! Turn your table over, arrange your underskirt and TuTu skirt and enjoy!

I am using this table as a Tea Party Table for Hensley's Big Girl Room, which is why her Tea Set and Dessert Stand are displayed in the pics. When I find the chairs I am looking for, I will trim the legs of the table to "fit" with the height of the chairs. Look for that How-To in the future!


Dawn said...

Super cute. Jess did one just like this too for Charli a while back. Far cuter in person than in pictures if thats even possible!

Dawn said...

Looks great. Jess did one for Charli just like this a while back and they are even cuter in person if you can believe it.

tutu dresses for toddlers said...

This tutu looks so cute!